These Conditions govern all Tickets issued for the Event and the admission to the Venue and should be read in accordance with the conditions of the Official Ticketing Agent. All capitalised terms used in these Conditions shall have the meanings given to them in paragraph ‎60 of these Conditions. All Tickets are issued either by us or on our behalf. Any person who purchases, possesses, uses or attempts to use any Ticket shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with these Conditions. In the case of any conflict or ambiguity between these Conditions and the Site Rules or conditions of the Official Ticketing Agent, these Conditions will prevail.  

Ticket Purchase and Delivery 

  1. Tickets may only be purchased from us via the Official Ticketing Agents listed on our website or through any other sale or transfer mechanism authorised in writing by us. Tickets purchased through secondary ticketing sites  or obtained from any other unauthorised source shall be void and may be seized or cancelled without refund or compensation. 
  2. We reserve the right to limit, at the time of purchase, the maximum number of Tickets that any person may purchase for the Event. Tickets may be limited to a maximum number per person, per payment card and/or per household. These restrictions will be notified to you by the Official Ticketing Agent and on the Event website before booking. We reserve the right to cancel without prior notice any Tickets purchased in excess of this number.  1win aviator game.
  3. Tickets are sold to consumers only. We reserve the right to cancel tickets purchased by businesses, traders, or persons acting on their behalf, who engage in the commercial resale of tickets.   
  4. The nominated payment card or the registered bank account used to purchase Tickets must be registered in the name and address of the Ticket Purchaser. We reserve the right to refuse any application for Tickets from any person who fails to comply with this condition or to cancel any Tickets purchased in breach of this condition.  
  5. To prevent fraud and protect both you and us, either we or the Official Ticketing Agent may carry out checks and/or you may be asked to provide additional information (such as a copy of a credit or debit card statement) after your booking so we can verify your purchase. If we or the Official Ticketing Agent suspect fraud, we may cancel any order for Tickets.  
  6. Once payment in full has been received by us or by the relevant Official Ticketing Agent, the Ticket Purchaser will be provided, by email, with a confirmation of the sale and a booking reference number.  
  7. The sale or other issuance of any Ticket is final and non-refundable except as outlined in paragraphs ‎18-26 of these Conditions or as required by applicable law. We reserve the right to not replace or accept any Ticket that has been lost, stolen, forgotten, damaged, altered, defaced or forged (in whole or part), or any Ticket which is unreadable or incomplete. Keep your Ticket safe. Tickets may be changed and/or upgraded via the Official Ticketing Agent in certain circumstances following our approval, which approval may be withheld at our discretion.
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  8. We reserve the right to issue Tickets in hard copy or via email as e-tickets.  
  9. Hard copy Tickets will be delivered to the billing address of the Ticket Purchaser.  Hard copy Tickets will not be delivered to any other address. Post office boxes (or similar) are not acceptable addresses for the delivery of hard copy Tickets. E-tickets will be issued via email to the Ticket Purchaser’s email address as specified in the Ticket Purchaser’s application.  
  10. If any Tickets have not been received 7 days before the Event, it is the responsibility of the Ticket Purchaser to contact the relevant customer service centre ( quoting the booking reference number given to the Ticket Purchaser at the time of the confirmation of sale.  
  11. If, in our opinion, there is not enough time to deliver hard copy Tickets to the Ticket Purchaser before the Event, Tickets will be issued as e-tickets or (at our election) the Ticket Purchaser will be advised of the arrangements for the collection of hard copy Tickets from the Venue. Only the Ticket Purchaser may collect the Tickets and only upon presentation of the relevant booking reference number, the payment card used to purchase the Tickets and photographic proof of identity (driver’s licence or passport).  
  12. It is your responsibility to check your Tickets and booking confirmation and inform us immediately of any inaccuracies; mistakes cannot always be rectified. We cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of any inaccuracy in any documentation within 5 days of purchase.  
  13. All Ticket Holders who are on the guest list are asked to make a small donation. Once you have paid this donation upon arrival, you will receive your physical ticket to enter the festival.  

Ticket Use & Prohibitions on Transfers  

  1. Save as set out in paragraph ‎15 below, Tickets are personal revocable licences and shall at all times remain our property. Tickets are strictly non-transferable and must not be sold or offered, exposed or made available for sale, or transferred or otherwise disposed of. We reserve the right to cancel without refund any Tickets issued to a Ticket Holder whom we believe plans to offer a Ticket for resale otherwise than in accordance with these Conditions. 
  2. Resale will be permitted, so long as it’s to another consumer (not a business) and for no more than the face value price originally paid (or less).
  3. Any Ticket offered for sale, sold, transferred, used or disposed of in breach of paragraph 15 of these Conditions may be cancelled and any person seeking to use the Ticket may be refused admission to or be evicted from the Venue without refund or compensation and may also be liable to legal action, even if the Ticket Holder did not have prior notice of these Conditions or the breach thereof.  
  4. Purchase or possession of a Ticket does not confer any rights (by implication or otherwise) on a Ticket Holder to use, alter, copy or otherwise deal with any of the symbols, trademarks, logos and/or intellectual property appearing on the Ticket.  

Refunds & Cancellation   

  1. Tickets are sold subject to our right to alter or vary the published Event programme without notification which may result in changes to the performance line-up, playing times or any other aspect of the Event. We reserve all rights in this regard. Any published start times of a performance at the Event are estimates and subject to change. We shall not be liable for any change of a published start time or change to the artists scheduled to perform. No scheduled acts may be considered as headline acts regardless of their relative fame or prominence in the billing and so cancellation by an artist or performer will not entitle you to a refund. 
  2. We reserve the right to make alterations to the time, date, duration and Venue of the Event or other details governed by any Ticket in the event of unforeseen or other circumstances, including (without limitation), Force Majeure, safety and security concerns or decisions from any Authorised Person or other competent authority.  In the event of such alteration, neither we nor the Official Ticketing Agent will be liable to the Ticket Holder or any other person for any costs, expenses or other losses resulting from such alteration, except to the extent set out in paragraphs ‎22 and 23 of these Conditions.  
  3. As soon as possible after we become aware of postponement, rescheduling or cancellation of the Event, all available information will be posted on but it is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to ascertain whether the Event has been postponed, rescheduled or cancelled and any new dates, times, and venue.  
  4. Unless otherwise agreed at our sole discretion, a Ticket will not be exchanged or refunded if: 
  5. a) after the Event has started, it is stopped for any reason and is not completed;  
  6. b) on any day of the Event, the start time is delayed for any reason;  
  7. c) the start time (but not the date) of the Event changes after the date the Ticket was purchased; or  
  8. d) the circumstances in paragraph 19 above arise; 
  9. e) the Ticket is used for entry into the Venue.  
  10. We shall only be required to refund a Ticket Purchaser (on application by the Ticket Purchaser) with the Face Value of the relevant Ticket, in the following circumstances:  
  11. a) if the Event is cancelled before the Event has started;  
  12. b) if the Ticket Purchaser is otherwise entitled to a refund under applicable law. 
  13. If the Event is postponed before the Event starts and the Event is rescheduled to another date (whether at the Venue or at a different venue), the Ticket Holder may elect to either: 
  14. a) use the existing Ticket for the rescheduled Event if the Event is rescheduled for another date but at the Venue; or  
  15. b) if the Event is rescheduled to a different venue and there are insufficient Tickets available, or the Ticket Holder is unable to attend any rescheduled Event (whether at the Venue or at a different venue), the Ticket Purchaser shall be entitled to apply for a refund pursuant to sub-paragraph ‎22.b) of these Conditions.  
  16. We shall not be required to refund any fees or charges paid in addition to the Face Value of the Ticket (for example, any Handling Fee or postage or courier charges) except where required by applicable law.  No interest or costs will be payable in respect of any monies refunded.  
  17. Where paragraph ‎22 of these Conditions applies, only the original Ticket Purchaser may apply for a refund.  If we initiate a refund process under sub-paragraphs ‎22.a), ‎22.b) or ‎22.c) of these Conditions, the Ticket Purchaser will be advised of the process and the prescribed deadline for refund applications through the media or via direct communication within 10 working days of the cancellation or rescheduling of the Event. The Ticket Purchaser must follow the prescribed process and deadline pronounced by us on and produce the original Ticket in order to be eligible for a refund. We shall not be required to issue a refund in relation to any Ticket which we reasonably believe has been the subject of a sale, transfer or disposal in breach of paragraphs ‎14, ‎15 or 16 of these Conditions.  
  18. Promotions, deals or discounted offers are provided at our discretion. All such offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn by us at any time. Retrospective refunds are not permitted against any offer or promotion advertised after a booking is made.  

Venue Entry & Requirements  

  1. These Conditions incorporate the Site Rules. If any Ticket Holder fails to comply with the applicable Site Rules, the Ticket Holder may be refused admission to or evicted from the Venue without refund or compensation.  
  2. Persons aged 17 and under will be refused admission.. Proof of identity and age must be provided on request at the admission gate to the Venue.  
  3. Admission to the Venue will only be authorised upon presentation of a valid Ticket and (if we and/or any Authorised Representative require) photographic proof of identity and proof of age (driver’s licence or passport). One Ticket will be required for each person, regardless of age. The Ticket Holder is not guaranteed an uninterrupted and/or uninhibited view of any performance, nor is any representation or warranty given as to the quality, content or duration of the Event.  
  4. You will not be entitled to re-admission to the Venue after 12pm.
  5. For the purposes of safety, security and/or checking compliance with these Conditions, each Ticket Holder shall, if requested by any Authorised Person, co-operate and comply fully with the instructions and guidelines of such Authorised Person (including by producing a valid Ticket and photographic proof of identity and proof of age (driver’s licence or passport)).   
  6. A Ticket Holder may be requested to submit to a body check and/or a search of his/her possessions and/or vehicle for the purposes of locating and removing any Prohibited Item, and any refusal by the Ticket Holder may result in refusal of admission to or eviction from the Venue without refund or compensation.  
  7. We and/or any Authorised Person may refuse admission to or eject from the Venue and/or Arena without refund or compensation any Ticket Holder who:  
  8. a) is noticeably under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance, or is behaving, or considered by any Authorised Person likely to behave, violently, harmfully or in a manner contrary to public order and/or safety;  
  9. b) brings or attempts to bring into the Venue, possesses or uses within the Venue or in the vicinity thereof any items within our published Prohibited Items list. 
  10. c) brings or attempts to bring into the Venue excessive amounts of food and cigarettes. Please only bring enough for personal consumption;  
  11. d) brings or attempts to bring into the Arena any food, any beverages or any camping chairs. Exemptions will be made on medical grounds if supporting medical evidence is provided. 
  12. e) brings or attempts to bring into the Venue, sells, possesses or uses within the Venue or in the vicinity thereof any sponsorship, promotional or commercial items or materials (of whatever nature) without our prior written authorisation (and the Ticket Holder may be asked to deliver up a copy of any such authorisation upon entry to or whilst within the Venue);  
  13. f) whilst within the Venue or the vicinity thereof, engages in any form of activity related to marketing or advertising (including, for the avoidance of doubt, ambush marketing), or conducts any commercial activity whatsoever, or offers (either for free or for sale), sells or possesses items with intent to sell (including, without limitation, drinks, food, souvenirs, clothes, promotional and/or commercial items and literature), in each case without our prior written authorisation (and any such items may be removed, confiscated and/or destroyed without compensation at our discretion  and/or the discretion of any Authorised Person);  
  14. g) whilst within the Venue or vicinity thereof, engages in disruptive, dangerous or violent behaviour including (without limitation) throwing, casting, thrusting or propelling any object at any person, instigates violence, demonstrates racism or xenophobia, behaves in a way that any reasonable person may interpret as provocative, threatening, discriminatory and/or offensive, creates or poses any threat to the life or safety of themselves or any other person(s), or harms any other person(s) in any way, or unreasonably obstructs the viewing of other spectators;  
  15. h) whilst within the Venue, enters or circulates in restricted access areas or other areas where that person is not allowed access to; or climbs lighting masts, fences, roofs and other apparatus or constructions;  
  16. i) whilst within the Venue, damages, interferes with or tampers with any property of any third party;  
  17. j) whilst within the Venue, smokes in any area where smoking is not permitted;  
  18. k) is suspected of committing, or having committed, or being likely to commit, a criminal offence in or about the Venue; 
  19. l) whilst within the Venue or the vicinity thereof, fails to comply with instructions from us and/or any Authorised Person, or refuses a security search;  
  20. m) is demonstrating signs of serious illness, or tests positive for Covid-19 in the event that we elect or are required to conduct authorised testing at or outside the Venue; 
  21. n) attempts to re-enter the Venue in circumstances where we have stated publicly that re-entry is prohibited for reasons relating to Covid-19 or related health and safety reasons; or  
  22. o) fails to obey any government regulations or any other guidelines relating to Covid-19 in a manner which, in our opinion, places other attendees or Event personnel at risk.  
  23. Valid Tickets may be exchanged for Wristbands on entry into the Venue (if applicable). Wristbands cannot be issued until the day / date as stated on the Ticket and are only issued directly to the Ticket Holder on production of photographic ID (driver’s licence or passport). It is not possible to collect Wristbands on behalf of other people and all Wristbands must be placed and secured on the individual’s wrist directly by our staff. Your Wristband will be invalidated if any part of it is removed, detached, altered or defaced. Wristbands will not be reissued or replaced regardless of whether you still have your Ticket.  
  24. Ticket Holders must wear their Wristbands at all times whilst within the Venue and Tickets and/or Wristbands must be produced for inspection upon our request and/or the request of any Authorised Person. Failure to do so may result in the Ticket Holder being ejected from the Venue without refund or compensation.  
  25. The Ticket Holder is responsible for his/her own personal property brought to and into the Venue. Neither we nor the Official Ticketing Agent, the Owner of the Venue nor any Authorised Person accepts any responsibility for any loss, theft or damage of a Ticket Holder’s personal property. 

Media & Recordings  

  1. Photographs or any other recordings of sound or images taken by a Ticket Holder within the Venue may be used for personal, private, non-commercial and non-promotional purposes only. The Ticket Holder shall not, except for personal, private, non-commercial and non-promotional purposes and in any event not for commercial gain, disseminate at any time, over the internet, radio, television and/or any other current and/or future form or type of media, any sound, image, description of the Event (in whole or in part) including (without limitation) any such content made, recorded or captured in still or moving form by mobile phones or by any other form of wireless and/or portable device, and shall not assist any other person(s) in the conduct of such activities. Any recording or transmitting equipment (including professional cameras), unauthorised photos, recordings, tapes, films or similar items may be confiscated and/or destroyed by us.  
  2. Each Ticket Holder attending the Event:  
  3. a) acknowledges that he/she is likely to be recorded and the resulting content publicly disseminated across a range of media;  
  4. b) acknowledges that the police and/or security staff may carry out filming for the security of Ticket Holders and the prevention of crime;  
  5. c) agrees that perpetual use may be made, free of charge, of his/her voice, image and likeness captured whilst present at or about the Venue (by means of live or recorded video display, broadcast, transmission or other dissemination or recording, photographs or any other current and/or future media technologies) and waives, on an irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual basis, all rights to object to such recording and the broadcasting, transmission or other dissemination thereof in any current and/or future media technologies;  
  6. d) acknowledges and agrees that we are the sole legal and beneficial owner of the copyright and any other intellectual property rights of any nature whatsoever in and to any recordings of sound or images taken within the Venue (including future rights to such recordings or to any works derived from such recordings) and waives, on an irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual basis, all rights (including moral rights) in and to any such recordings; and  
  7. e) hereby unconditionally and irrevocably grants to us a perpetual, exclusive, freely assignable and royalty-free licence to use, adapt, distribute and/or exploit, by any means and in any current and/or future form or type of media or format, any recordings taken by the Ticket Holder within the Venue in breach of paragraph ‎37 of these Conditions. 


  1. Warning – Prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause damage to your hearing. Please be aware that strobe lighting, pyrotechnics, lazers, smoke machines and other special effects may be used during the Event. We strongly recommend all minors wear ear defenders and all attendees take any precautions they deem necessary.  
  2. Subject to it being stated otherwise in these Conditions or on our Event website, it is the responsibility of the supervisors of a child to determine whether an Event is suitable for that child to attend, and neither we nor the Venue accepts any liability or responsibility in relation to the same.  
  3. No trading is allowed anywhere within the Venue or in the vicinity thereof without our prior written authorisation (and the Ticket Holder may be asked to deliver up a copy of any such authorisation upon entry to or whilst within the Venue) and the responsible Ticket Holder could be evicted from the Venue without refund or compensation.  
  4. The Event operates licenced bars and you need to be over the age of 18 to purchase alcohol at the Event. Please be aware that if we think that you look 25 years old or younger you may be asked to provide proof of age and if you are unable to do so you will not be served alcohol.  
  5. Access to each designated area within the Venue is subject to capacity and we accept no liability and will not offer any Ticket refunds if a Ticket Holder is unable to attend a specific performance listed on the schedule.  
  6. We take the needs of Ticket Holders who are disabled or who have other access requirements very seriously and actively encourage people of all abilities to attend the Event. If you have access requirements for the Event please register your requirements through  
  7. Ticket Holders attend the Event at their own risk. Ticket Holders shall be deemed to be aware of, and accept, the risks inherent in attending a mass gathering event (including but not limited to those possible risks relating to crowd congestion, noise, special effects and contagious disease). In particular, we cannot be responsible for the behaviour or health of other Event attendees and cannot effectively ensure that no attendees at the Event will have Covid-19. Accordingly, we will not be responsible if you catch Covid-19 at the Event or for the illness or death of any Event attendees caused by Covid-19, provided that nothing in these Conditions seeks to exclude our liability or that of the owner of the Venue or any Authorised Person for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, fraud or other type of liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law.
  8. In order to assist us in reducing the risk of contracting Covid-19, we ask that you: 
  9. a) do not attend the Festival if*: 
  10. you have tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of the commencement of the Event;
  11. you display any symptoms of Covid-19;

iii. you live with somebody who displays symptoms of Covid-19 or who has tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of the commencement of the Event; or 

  1. you are otherwise required to self-isolate.

*note that where there is a conflict between any of the provisions in this paragraph 46(a) and any updated government guidelines, the updated government guidelines will apply (where they are stricter than the provisions set out in this paragraph 46(a)); 

  1. b) download and use the government’s official Covid-19 tracing app or provide your contact details to a member of Event staff if directed to do so upon entering the Event for the purpose of notifying you where you may have come into contact with somebody who has tested positive for Covid-19; 
  2. Subject to paragraph ‎45 above, neither we nor the Official Ticketing Agent shall have any liability to a Ticket Holder beyond the Face Value of the Ticket Holder’s Ticket. Neither we nor the Official Ticketing Agent shall be responsible to the Ticket Holder for any indirect losses or damages including, but not limited to, loss of enjoyment, goodwill and/or travel or accommodation expenses. Personal arrangements including travel, accommodation or hospitality relating to attendance at the Event which have not been purchased from us are at the Ticket Holder’s own risk. 
  3. The Ticket Holder irrevocably and unconditionally consents to the collection, use and insertion into a database on our behalf of personal information provided by the Ticket Purchaser and any other Ticket Holder for the purposes of the implementation of these Conditions subject to applicable law, including for administration, communication, enforcement and access control purposes, in accordance with our privacy policy. We may share such information with third parties as may be generally and reasonably required for the proper and efficient staging of the Event.  
  4. To the extent permitted by law and with your consent, personal information provided by you to us will be used for all purposes reasonably connected with the operations of the Event including (but not limited to): providing you with details of forthcoming connected events, offers and services; providing you with updates as to the latest concessions or any changes thereto and information concerning competitions and other promotional activity, supplying you with the goods that you request or in which we reasonably believe you may be interested; conducting market research and establishing customer profiles; and transferring or disclosing the information provided to our professional advisers and such other parties as we consider necessary in the administration of our business. We will not use or disclose your personal information other than as set out in these Conditions and the privacy policy without your prior consent. You will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from such marketing communications when you place your order and you can unsubscribe from any email communications you receive from us by following the unsubscribe link. Neither we nor the Official Ticketing Agent accepts any responsibility for any loss, theft, or accidental destruction of any personal information provided by the Ticket Purchaser (and any other Ticket Holder) or any financial or other loss or damage which may result, directly or indirectly therefrom.  
  5. In the event that any provision of these Conditions is declared void, ineffective or unenforceable in any respect by any competent court in any jurisdiction, that provision shall be severed to the extent necessary in that jurisdiction, and the remainder of these Conditions will remain in effect as if such provision had not been included and the validity, enforceability and/or legal effect of such remaining Conditions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. 
  6. We reserve the right to make amendments to these Conditions from time to time at our sole discretion (including, without limitation, by amending or supplementing the Site Rules and/or the list of Prohibited Items).  A full copy of the latest version of the Conditions (as amended, if appropriate) will be available at We shall notify Ticket Purchasers of such changes by email if they materially affect Ticket Purchasers’ rights as a consumer.  
  7. Any information requests or other correspondence in relation to these Conditions should be addressed to: 
  8. Any breach of any these Conditions may result in the cancellation of the Ticket, the refusal of admission to the Ticket Holder to the Venue, or his/her eviction from the Venue, in each case without refund or compensation in addition to any other remedy that we may have, even if the Ticket Holder did not have prior notice of the Condition or the breach. No failure or delay by us to exercise any right (in whole or in part) under these Conditions shall constitute a waiver of that right, nor restrict any further exercise of that right.  
  9. All Tickets and Wristbands (and the copyright in all Tickets and Wristbands) remain our property. In the event of any breach of any of these Conditions by a Ticket Holder, Tickets and Wristbands must, upon the request of any Authorised Person, be delivered up to that Authorised Person.  Such actions are without prejudice to other remedies which we may have.  
  10. These Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties and no party shall have any claim or remedy in respect of any statement, representation, warranty or undertaking, made by or on behalf of any other party in relation to these Conditions which is not already set out in these Conditions.  
  11. Any person (other than us, the Official Ticketing Agent, the owner of the Venue or any Authorised Person) not party to these Conditions shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.  
  12. These Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law.  Any dispute arising from or in connection with these Conditions or a Ticket Holder’s attendance at the Event will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right to pursue any legal proceedings in a competent court in the defendant’s domicile, which proceedings shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law. 
  13. These Conditions shall not affect a person’s statutory rights as a consumer. 
  14. To the fullest extent permissible in law, we shall be entitled to assign all and any of our rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions, provided that your rights are not adversely affected. 


  1. When used in these Conditions, the following capitalised terms shall have the following meanings:  

“Arena” means the area(s) within the Venue where performance(s) will take place at the Event;  

“Authorised Person(s)” means collectively all Event management, Venue management, Police, public bodies and agencies responsible for safety and security in connection with the Event or the Venue, and their respective staff, officials, representatives, officers and volunteers;  

“Conditions” means these terms and conditions and the Site Rules which are incorporated into these Conditions by reference, together with any amendments or updates to the same issued by or on our behalf from time to time;  

“Event” means The Halloween Ball.  

“Face Value” means the specified price of the Ticket only (including United Kingdom value added tax thereon) as stated on the relevant Ticket, and excludes any Handling Fee (or part thereof) or other fees or charges paid by the Ticket Purchaser in respect of that Ticket (including postage or courier charges);  

“Force Majeure” means any cause beyond our control including, without limitation, an act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, fire, explosion, flood, royal mourning, national mourning, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, weather, disease, pandemic, third party injunction, national defence requirements and/or acts or regulations of national or local governments, or the material threat of any of the aforementioned;  

“Handling Fee” means the fee payable per Ticket transaction or order, charged in addition to the Face Value of the Ticket, for the processing and delivery of Tickets in that transaction or order (including United Kingdom value added tax thereon);  

“Official Ticketing Agent” means our official appointed ticket agent(s) for the Event, each acting as our agent;  

“Original Sale Price” means the specified price of each Ticket plus any Handling Fee (or part thereof) and other charges necessary to effect the sale or trade of that Ticket (including postage or courier charges);  

“Prohibited Item(s)” means any items which we or any Authorised Person deem to be dangerous or inappropriate including (without limitation) those items specified in sub-paragraphs ‎33(b)(c) and (d) of these Conditions;  

“Site Rules” means all rules relating to the Venue made known to you by us or by any third party on our behalf whether in writing, online or otherwise (including on display at the Venue);  

“Ticket” means any ticket (whether a hard copy ticket or an e-ticket) evidencing a personal revocable licence from us for an individual to attend the Event and the Venue in accordance with the details indicated thereon and also to camp at the Venue;  

“Ticket Holder” means any individual possessing, holding or using a Ticket, including (without limitation) the Ticket Purchaser or any person to whom the Ticket was issued or transferred;  

“Ticket Purchaser” means the individual who has purchased a Ticket or Tickets through the Event’s official ticket programme;   

“Venue” means the entire premises of Flambards, Clodgey Ln, Helston, TR13 0QA, where the Event is scheduled to take place including all adjacent and surrounding areas used or controlled by us in connection with the staging of the Event, including without limitation any car park and camping sites  

“We” means Altronic Ltd (11720060)  

“Wristband” means any valid wristband given to a Ticket Holder in exchange for their Ticket at the Event, which may be embedded with an RFID chip if it’s a cashless Event.    

Camping Terms and Conditions  

  1. Camping at the Event is only permitted provided you purchase an appropriate Ticket. Anyone found camping without an appropriate Ticket and/or Wristband will be removed.  
  2. Campers should pitch tents in designated camping areas only and stay out of fire lanes and other working areas. Gazebos, awnings or trailer tents are not allowed on the campsite.  
  3. You should bring a tent that is sized for the amount of occupants. We reserve the right to refuse to allow any structures which are too large or which we believe may cause a health and safety risk.  
  4. We will not be liable for any failure to provide any advertised facilities within the camping area.  
  5. We do not accept any responsibility for theft, damage, loss or breakage to any of your property which you choose to bring and/or leave at the campsite. All items brought to a campsite are brought and left at your own risk.  
  6. For safety reasons cooking is not allowed within the Venue or at the Event, this includes, but is not limited to the use of BBQs, camping stoves and petrol cookers.  
  7. The Event has a no naked flame policy. Any fires; flares; fireworks; Chinese Lanterns etc. will be extinguished and the responsible Ticket Holder could be evicted from the Venue.  
  8. You are permitted to bring your own pre-cooked food and soft drinks for your own consumption in the campsites but not for resale.  
  9. Campers aged 18 or over can bring in limited amounts and types of alcohol to the campsite. You are only permitted to bring either 4 cans of beer/lager and/or cider and/or alcopops per person OR 1 bottle of wine (which must be decanted from glass bottles) per person into the campsites. Such items may only be brought into the Venue on first entry. Glass and spirits and alcoholic beverages with alcohol content which exceed 12% ABV are strictly prohibited. Searches will be undertaken upon entry and re-admittance to ensure compliance with the provisions of these Conditions. Any alcohol above the permitted allowance will be confiscated.  
  10. No food or drink can be taken from the campsite into the Arena. Empty plastic and/or reuseable water bottles of 500ml or less may be taken from the campsite into the Arena.  
  11. You will indemnify us against the full value of any loss damage or excessive soiling to the Venue howsoever caused, unless caused by us or an Authorised Person.  
  12. We will not be responsible for any claims for the injury to persons or loss or damage to property howsoever caused unless such injury or damage was caused by faulty material or workmanship or negligence on our part or that of an Authorised Person.  
  13. You must leave the camping area immediately following the Event at the time indicated on the Event website.